What Makes Us Different?

Whether it’s about your treatment plan, what we did that day, where we’re headed or your finances, we always strive to keep you informed.  Dr. Garlock prides himself in always being available. So if you ever have a question, never hesitate to call or text him, or approach him in the office. 

We are not a corporate factory cranking out a one size fits all smile. Dr. Garlock understands that every facial structure, smile and perception of beauty is different. He will talk at length with you about what both you and him feel is the most beautiful smile for you.

Dr. Garlock is on the advisory board and the only orthodontist for the SE Denver chapter of the nationally renowned Seattle Study Club. Most dentists in the area are members of the club along with most of the other dental specialists in the area. Every month, they meet to learn, grow and discuss cases and how to best treat them. It’s amazing the level of care these patients receive because of the collaboration that takes place from the club.

With advances in technology, those who are trained can now effectively treat almost every patient with clear aligners. Dr. Garlock has committed countless hours taking CE courses, listening to webinars and reading case studies to be able to deliver the highest quality of care to his patients using clear aligners.

We simply love people and truly want to make the orthodontic process an experience that is enjoyable, fun, relaxing and super awesome.