Using your teeth improperly may cause the teeth to become cracked or fractured. Cracked or fractured teeth are the third leading cause of tooth loss in the U.S. If you are using your teeth for anything other than biting and chewing, you are at an increased risk of tooth damage, which could lead to dental disease, tooth loss, and costly dental repairs.

Why Teeth Should Never be Used as Tools

Below are a few things that can cause damage to your teeth. Avoid using your teeth to:

  • Hold Items – Using your teeth as an extra set of hands to hold those items can be tempting. However, using your teeth to hold items can be dangerous, especially if you trip or fall. This makes you vulnerable to sustaining serious facial and oral injuries, including the loss of teeth.
  • Cut Anything Other Than Food – It’s so easy to use your teeth to open a bag, cut string, or tear tape. However, these materials can be damaging to your teeth, and the pressure needed to perform these tasks can often be more intense than that needed to chew food.
  • Crack Nuts – Nuts are healthy and delicious, but your teeth are not meant to crack the shells they come in. Attempting to crack a nutshell can cause the teeth to become fractured or cracked. Instead, try nuts without shells or use a nut-cracker.
  • Open Bottles –Bottles must never be opened with teeth. This is one of the most dangerous and traumatic things one can do to their teeth and will very likely result in a cracked tooth. Additionally, the hard metal surface can scrape enamel away from teeth and leave them much more susceptible to cavities. Carry a keychain bottle opener, and you’ll never have an excuse to use your teeth!

Teeth were made for chewing food and allowing us to speak properly, nothing else! Teeth are not indestructible, and using your teeth as tools will make you vulnerable to unnecessary dental damage, which can cause pain and expensive procedures to fix.

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