Headgear is used to describe any orthodontic appliance that is strapped to the head to provide extra outside pressure onto a patient’s teeth. Not everyone who needs orthodontic treatment will need to wear headgear, but it is an important part of some treatment plans and provides a few other benefits as well.

3 Benefits of Headgear

Below are a few ways that headgear appliances can be a benefit to orthodontic patients:

  • Speeds up the orthodontic process – One of the main benefits of headgear is that it can help to speed up treatment time in orthodontic situations that may otherwise be complex and time-consuming to treat.
  • Exerts additional force – In most cases, the back molars will provide enough support to properly move the teeth. However, in other cases, extra pressure is needed to move the teeth more quickly and accurately. Headgear can provide this extra force.
  • Is necessary in certain cases – Lastly, please know that your orthodontist will only recommend headgear when it’s necessary. These situations include cases where the front teeth need to be moved forward, a large gap needs to be closed, or when a severe overbite or underbite is impeding your smile.

We know that orthodontic headgear may not be the most alluring or attractive of appliances, but it can be a benefit for some orthodontic patients. Additionally, keep in mind that headgear typically only needs to be worn at home or when you’re asleep. With the help of your headgear, your treatment will be over before you know it!

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