Early Orthodontic Treatment With Braces For Kids

Aurora, CO

We get so many questions regarding why so many kids these days are going through orthodontic treatment while they still have multiple baby teeth.
There are many good reasons to treat a child young, but also many situations that would indicate that treatment would not yet be appropriate.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child at the age of 7 undergo an orthodontic evaluation. The primary reason to do this is to catch specific problems that can be treated more easily at a young age. However, more often than not, this initial examination serves as a good baseline for the orthodontist and gives the family peace of mind that their child’s smile is growing and developing properly.

At Garlock Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on being a vast source of information for our families. When Dr. Garlock examines your child, he will classify his or her problems as either cosmetic in nature, harmful, or something that can be corrected by being proactive. He will always explain the pros and cons of treatment, helping you make the best decision for your child.

Some of the benefits of early orthodontic treatment are:

  • Preventing permanent wear on a child’s teeth
  • Correction of malformed jaws
  • Reduction of treatment time when braces are needed later
  • Reduce the likelihood of having to extract permanent teeth in the future
  • Maintaining space for permanent teeth to erupt into place when primary teeth are lost prematurely
  • Reducing the risk of trauma to protruding anterior teeth
  • Creating room for erupting permanent teeth

Little Smiles, Bright Futures

Not all kids will need braces. However, there are instances where early treatment is necessary to fix problems affecting their oral health, growth, and development. Dr. Garlock treats each child as his own and takes a conservative approach to early orthodontics, so he will never recommend unnecessary treatment. Instead, he firmly believes in treating little problems before they become big problems that may require more invasive and costly procedures in the future if not addressed.

While many orthodontic offices have a bit of a “factory” feel with staff busily running around, creating an intimidating and impersonal environment, you’ll find that our little office feels more personal and fun with our well-trained staff and cozy ambiance. So, whether it is for peace of mind or because you know your kid’s smile is going to need guidance as it develops, come in for a free orthodontic consultation with us today and see first-hand how Garlock Orthodontics can improve the life of your child. We promise that they will not only love their smile, but they will also love the journey to achieve it!