Not too long ago, orthodontists believed that it was necessary to wait for all baby teeth to fall out before children and early teens opted for braces. However, there has been significant innovation in orthodontic treatments since then, as you may come across children as young as 6 years old with braces.

Nowadays, orthodontists advise children aged 6 to 8 to start getting their orthodontic treatment. Following are some benefits of early intervention of braces when necessary.

  1. Many children – and people in general – suffer from crowded teeth, which can cause problems later on. Getting braces early can expand the jaw, which makes more space for crowded teeth to erupt without any trouble.
  2. Some children have protruding teeth. This means that their teeth do not have enough lip coverage to protect their teeth from a knock or a fall. This can result in damage or even loss of the front teeth if your child suffers an injury to their mouth. Braces can help take care of protruding teeth.
  3. Since kids have softer teeth and gums, early intervention of braces can help solve issues such as an overbite, underbite, and crossbite much more easily.
  4. If upper teeth overlap on the bottom teeth a lot, it can create a whistling sound – leading to speech obstruction. Braces can help fill the gaps between the teeth and allow your kid to speak clearer.
  5. Since braces can correct issues such as misaligned teeth, they can improve the overall appearance of the face and make it more symmetrical.

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