This is a common question asked in most orthodontic offices, but the answer is a resounding no! Braces will not cause your teeth to fall out.

We understand the concern that some orthodontic patients have. During the first few days of wearing braces, the teeth will start to shift, causing the teeth to feel loose. This is a normal pattern of tooth movement, the way that teeth cope with being shifted by braces. This sensation may make you feel concern about loose teeth, but please know that it’s perfectly normal and your teeth aren’t going anywhere!

Research has shown that the tooth movement that occurs during orthodontic treatment can cause small changes in the shape and length of the roots of the teeth. However, these changes are so minuscule that they are invisible to the naked eye in 98% of cases!

Root Shortening

In the other 2% of cases, some shortening of the tooth roots can occur during your routine orthodontic treatment. The exact cause of the shortening is unknown, but it may be due to be a genetic predisposition. It’s also been linked to prolonged orthodontic treatment, especially in cases lasting more than 3 years in duration. This shouldn’t result in long-term problems for the teeth, but if you have questions or concerns, please talk to Dr. David Garlock at your next appointment. 

To answer the original question, braces will not cause your teeth to loosen or fall out. If you are one of the rare cases where resorption (root shortening) occurs, Dr. Garlock will closely monitor the tooth roots and keep you apprised of any problems.

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