The practice of orthodontia has become more and more popular as the years go on, especially among teenagers. However, this popularity hasn’t done much in the way of discrediting many common misconceptions about orthodontics. Here at Garlock Orthodontics, we want to address and discredit these myths and put your mind at ease!

Common Orthodontic Myths

Below are just a few of the myths regarding orthodontics, and the truths behind them.

  • Myth – My orthodontist is the same as my family dentist – In reality, a general dentist works with patients to treat and prevent oral health and hygiene problems such as gum disease, dental cavities, tooth decay, or tooth infections. An orthodontist addresses the alignment of the teeth and how it relates to oral health issues such as overcrowding, bite problems, and speech impediments.
  • Myth – Orthodontists only treat children and teens – Here at Garlock Orthodontics, we see patients of all ages! The most common orthodontic patient is likely a teenager, but also see plenty of adults and younger children as well.
  • Myth – All the adult teeth have to be in before considering orthodontic treatment – The exact opposite of this is true! In fact, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that your child have his or her first orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. This gives orthodontists the opportunity to treat any alignment problems early on while the mouth is still growing.
  • Myth – Orthodontic treatment takes too long – Obviously the duration of orthodontic treatment depends upon the severity of your orthodontic issues, but the average time frame is around 18 months to 2 years. This may sound like a long time, but it’s just a drop in the bucket when you consider a lifetime of a straight and beautiful smile!

At the end of the day, your smile is a very powerful asset. Think of your orthodontic treatment as an investment in the smile of your dreams! For more information about receiving dental braces or to schedule your consultation today, please contact Garlock Orthodontics at our Aurora, Colorado office today!