Braces and other treatments used to align teeth are expensive – there are no two ways about it. In fact, proper orthodontic treatment generally starts at around $5,000 and only goes up from there. This is why some people try to find less conventional methods to close the spaces between their teeth, which wouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg. One of the most common of such treatments is DIY gap bands.

What are Gap Bands?

DIY Banding or Gap Bands are simply elastic bands that are placed around two teeth to bring them closer. This isn’t typical treatment and can lead to severe consequences – even causing you to lose a tooth or two.

Why Are Gap Bands Harmful?

Generally, orthodontic bands that are used with traditional braces are used as gap bands. However, they aren’t designed to serve this purpose. Therefore, using them for this DIY method does not come from a medical point of view.

There have been no studies to understand how gap bands work or if they’re even effective at correcting the alignment issues of the teeth. The little research that does exist only shows how harmful this DIY method is for your teeth and gums.

Not only do these gap bands cause a lot of pain and discomfort, but they can even lead to dental issues that may not be able to be fixed later on.

It is very common for these gap bands to slip down your teeth and into the gums. In addition to causing unbearable pain, this can begin to damage gums and destroy the soft tissues and bones that hold your teeth in place. And the worst part is that they tend to make the alignment of your teeth even worse. So, if you aim to improve your smile, you may ultimately find that you’ve made it worse using this DIY method.

Instead, consult a dentist for proper treatment. Otherwise, it is better to leave your teeth alone. If you live in Centennial, Foxfield, or Ponderosa East, consider visiting Garlock Orthodontics for a consultation now.