Success isn’t due to your intelligence, bank account, race, or gender. Below are a few habits that are shared by successful people:

  1. Read A Lot – Many successful people admit to being voracious readers. For example, Bill Gates reads for an hour before bed, and Mark Cuban reads up to 3 hours a day. Other successful readers include Albert Einstein, J.K. Rowling, and Barack Obama. How does reading contribute to success? One theory suggests that reading helps you learn from the successes and mistakes of others.
  2. Get Up Early – Waking up early is the habit of many successful people. However, this isn’t an easy one to adopt. There are a few different techniques to helping yourself get used to waking up early, which include:
    • Finding an unforgiving alarm clock. Either set it to the loudest setting, put it in another room (forcing you to get out of bed to turn it off), or purchase an alarm clock on wheels – it runs away from you when you try to turn it off!
    • Don’t hit the snooze button. In reality, going back to sleep for five or ten minutes will only make you feel worse.
    • Go to bed earlier. It makes sense that the earlier you go to sleep, the easier it will be to wake up early.
  3. Exercise – Successful people know that exercise isn’t just good for your body. It also minimizes stress, improves memory, and keeps your brain healthy. Additionally, exercise can help improve your creativity and productivity, making you more successful at work!
  4. Work, Work, Work – Next time you don’t feel like working, try to force yourself to do it, even just for 15 minutes. Chances are, you’ll find your momentum and continue to work. If this doesn’t help, try breaking down the task at hand into smaller, more manageable steps.

If you try to apply all of these habits immediately, you may become overwhelmed and give up altogether. We recommend picking the habit that will be the easiest for you to master and practice it for 3-6 months until it’s a part of your daily routine.

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