Before your child or teen undergoes orthodontic treatment, it’s important for them to understand the reasons why braces are necessary as well as what braces will do to help.  Helping your child to be informed during every step of the orthodontic process will help him or her to be more cooperative and enthusiastic about treatment.

Helping your child prepare for orthodontia isn’t just about preparing his or her teeth. It’s also about mentally and emotionally preparing the child or teen in order to minimize any anxiety or fear regarding the treatment.

Preparing Your Child for Orthodontic Treatment

Below are a few things you should discuss with your child before he or she has braces put on:

  • Why he or she needs braces – In most cases, braces are necessary to help properly align overlapped, crooked, or misaligned teeth or jaws. Braces are also used to enhance the aesthetics of a smile. No matter the reason for your child’s specific need for braces, make sure to involve him or her in the decision-making and treatment process.
  • How common orthodontia is – Many teens may suffer damage to self-confidence during orthodontic treatment. Make sure that he or she knows how common braces are, especially in their age group! There’s a good chance that your child has a friend, cousin, or other peer with braces, so it might be a good idea to have them speak with your child about what to expect.
  • That oral hygiene is more important now than ever – Lastly, proper oral hygiene is more important than ever during orthodontic treatment. This is because of the possibility of food debris and bacteria becoming trapped between wires and brackets. We will make sure to provide you and your child with instructions on how to care for the orthodontic braces.

Lastly, it’s important that your child feels comfortable communicating with Dr. Garlock about questions or concerns they may have about their treatment. To make an appointment, please contact Garlock Orthodontics today, located in Aurora, Colorado.