There are 4 million people in America with braces. Yet, teeth straightening is a difficult decision for many people because of the differences between Invisalign and braces. Many orthodontists recommend one over the other, but you can decide which one is best for you with the help of this article.

Advantages of Invisalign

1.   Looks Better

Invisalign’s biggest advantage is that they are virtually invisible, and your colleagues won’t notice you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Self-conscious teens also love Invisalign because of its transparent look and sturdy design.

2.   Aligners Can Be Easily Removed 

Invisalign is more comfortable than braces, and they can be easily removed as well. Most orthodontic patients prefer Invisalign because they can comfortably eat after removing their aligners. Moreover, you can comfortably brush your teeth and floss them by taking out your Invisalign aligners. In short, these aligners will not interfere with your daily routine. 

Advantages of Braces

1.   Faster Treatment Time

Generally, when closing gaps and aligning teeth, braces are typically faster than Invisalign. This is a critical factor because most orthodontic patients prefer getting their teeth fixed as soon as possible.

2.   Possible to Achieve Perfect Result

Due to the force applied by braces to align teeth in the desired position, they can achieve near-perfect results. However, Invisalign fails at this point because they don’t use as much pressure on your teeth. That is why Invisalign is easily removable, and braces can only be removed by an orthodontist.

Making the Right Decision

While both Invisalign and braces each have their pros, it all falls on personal preferences. In some cases, your orthodontist will recommend one over the other due to your oral problems’ severity.

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