Sports are great for kids! It provides a fun form of exercise and improves motor skills, but it also helps kids learn how to work as a team and solve conflicts. Unfortunately, there are also a few dangers associated with sports, especially contact sports like karate and football. In fact, childhood sports are responsible for 3 million lost teeth each year!

When you hear the words “sports injury,” teeth might not be the first thing that comes to mind! But they’re a frequent casualty of sports, and there are so many different ways for the teeth, mouth, and jaw to be damaged or hurt. Luckily, there is one great way to avoid these injuries altogether; a mouthguard!   

Protecting Little Athletes’ Teeth 

If your children participate in sports that may damage their teeth, it’s essential to have them fitted for a mouthguard. A mouthguard is made of soft plastic, which has been molded to exactly fit your child’s teeth. They’re not particularly attractive or the most comfortable, so explain to your children the importance of their dental safety.

Mouthguards prevent the upper and lower jaws from slamming together due to a blow to the face. Not only will this prevent tooth damage and loss, but it can prevent concussions as well. If your kids are dedicated to their sports, mouth guards are an essential part of their sports equipment!

Dental injuries while wearing orthodontic appliances can be even more damaging. To talk to Dr. David Garlock about how to keep your child’s teeth and braces intact during sports, please contact Garlock Orthodontics today. Our orthodontist’s office is located in Aurora, Colorado.