At Garlock Orthodontics, we know the importance of healthy, straight teeth. Having a beautiful smile can improve self-esteem and confidence but can also open up important career and social opportunities.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to fix their own gaps, young adults and teenagers are now using “gap bands” instead of consulting with an orthodontic expert. Usually the gap in question in between the two front teeth. Elastic orthodontic bands are sold online to teenagers, but they’re causing all sorts of dental damage.

The Harm of Gap Bands

The process of orthodontics is a delicate and complex one. Braces and other types of orthodontic devices are designed to change the position of the teeth over time, allowing them to slowly adapt. If the teeth are moved too quickly or at the wrong angle, you can do permanent damage to the roots of the teeth. In addition, attempting to move your own teeth without considering the rest of the teeth may damage the alignment of the jaw, causing major issues for the entire mouth.

We know that orthodontic treatment is an investment of both time and money. However, the end result is a healthy and beautiful smile. Please do not allow your teen to resort to dangerous trends in an attempt to improve his or her smile. Specific calculations and measurements go into orthodontia to create a healthy smile. If you have concerns about traditional metal braces and would like to discuss other orthodontic options, please contact Garlock Orthodontics. Dr. Garlock can help you consider all of your options and which is right for you.

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