When your child’s adult teeth start to grow in, there may be ridges on the tips of the teeth. These ridges and bumps are known as tooth mamelons. Mamelons vary from person to person. Some are very noticeable, while others don’t seem to have mamelons at all! Tooth mamelons are common on the upper and lower permanent lateral and central incisors.

Why Do Teeth Have Mamelons? 

When an adult tooth forms under the gum tissue, three groups of cells form the tooth’s incisal edge. This edge helps the tooth break through the gum tissue more easily. However, some parents are afraid that the tooth appears to be damaged when it erupts. Fortunately, this is just the tooth mamelon helping the tooth grow through the gums! Most adults don’t have mamelons because they slowly wear off with time. 

Some orthodontics will remove the mamelons after braces are removed to improve the smile’s appearance. This is a painless procedure; The vibrations from the mamelon removal may tickle your nose, but there are no other side effects.

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your tooth mamelons, please contact Garlock Orthodontics. We can talk more about the mamelon removal process at your next visit! To make an appointment, please call our Aurora orthodontist here in Aurora, Colorado.