In many low-income communities, a common-sense sentiment is being applied to schools looking to improve the dental care of their children in their schools. Schools represent an ideal opportunity for implementing a preventative intervention system for educating children about their oral health and how to achieve and maintain it.

Low-income children have been proven to experience disparities in oral disease and access to proper oral care. In this school-centric approach, the goal is more about preventing oral health problems from occurring at all, thus eliminating the need for treatment. These school-centered strategies will enable communities to teach children about disease prevention, early identification of risk, the promotion of oral health, and targeted treatment if necessary.

Tackling poor oral healthcare habits and the problem of tooth decay is one of the main problems that occur during childhood. School-Based Health Alliances provide a range of oral health services including oral healthcare among other things. The goal of these organizations is to increase the prevention and control of oral diseases, injuries, and conditions while providing preventative oral health care.

In addition to providing care to children, these organizations are eliminating the issues of missing school and work to take kids to the dentist as well as the financial problems faced by many low-income families.

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