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Your Guide to the Types of Halloween Candy

Halloween can bring plenty of fun in the form of costumes, pumpkin carving, and roaming the neighborhood for free candy. However, Halloween can also play some tricks on your teeth, bombarding them with sticky, sugary candy. We aren’t suggesting that you and your children stay away from candy altogether (what fun is that?), but there…

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Oral and Dental Piercings – What Parents Should Know

Before you allow your child to receive any type of oral or dental piercing or modification, you should do plenty of research in order to be as informed as possible about the risks associated with them. Here at Garlock Orthodontics, many of our patients are teenagers or adolescents, and we’ve found that piercings are quite…

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The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Here at Garlock Orthodontics, we have found that patients who are confident and proud of their smiles have better self-esteem and are generally happier with their overall appearance. If you are embarrassed or ashamed of your smile, it can cause you to be shy, anti-social, and less likely to smile. Despite the desire to improve…

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